December 3, 2010

Lizzy Turns two!

 Daddy's first hold.

 This is one of our precious pictures we have of Lizzy-Grace in NICU. She developed pneumonia in her left lung 12 hours after birth. If she had been born only a century earlier she would have died from it. But God in his mercy and grace had her born at the right time, in the right place, in order for the pneumonia to be diagnosed and treated. 

 Lizzy-Sunshine at 4mo.

 Sunbathing at 6 months

 Pumpkins at 10mo.

 Traditional Jordan family birthday breakfast at 1 yr.

 The "balloon monster," as Sydney and Noah have affectionately named the mysterious creature that fills their rooms with balloons on the eve of their birthday's, made another appearance last night to surprise Lizzy-Grace. And as you can see by her response...she was surprised!

 Cute as a button while enjoying a pink sprinkle donut.

Taking care of "Piper" her birthday penguin.

Happy Birthday Lizzy-Sunshine! You have been a joy to all of us these past 2 years.
Love- Daddy, Mommy, Sydney, and Noah!

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