August 28, 2010

Offering Anyone?

Noah will be turning four next month, which means he will be graduating out of the nursery and into "big church" with us. So in order to prepare him for the transition, we have started having him come for the singing portion of the service. On his first Sunday to come in with us, we prepped him of what he should expect and what we expected of him. Just one little problem, we forgot to tell him about the offering. Joshua passed the offering plate around Sydney and Noah to me. As soon as it made it into my hands, Noah's head dipped down and his face went into full pout mode. I leaned over and asked him, " Noah, what's the matter?" Noah raised his face just enough to look at me with his sad puppy dog eyes and a protruding lip to say, "I thought I could have some money!" Joshua then leaned over and tried to explain to him that the money was for Jesus and the church. Noah did not like that answer and gave Joshua the look that said, "Why isn't Jesus sharing?" And then it was off to the nursery so that we could hopefully avoid a scene. I don't think we succeeded though, considering we were sitting on the second row from the front, and Noah maintained his "it could go either way face" (cry or throw a fit, maybe both) all the way down the aisle. Ah, the first joys of being a PW with a little PK.

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